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We have a free nutritional advice service with data processing.

We have the TANITA BIA measuring scale that provides a detailed analysis of muscle máss and body fat for each segment of the body

That monitor allows accurate tracking of muscle and fat variations in each arm and leg

Combined with total body readings, this monitor allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your training routine over time

The TANITA BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) method measures body composition by sending safe, low-intensity electrical signals through the body with scientifically proven accuracy.

* Body fat (%) for adults and children +5 years

* Muscle máss


* Basal metabolic rate

* Metabolic age

* Body water (%)

* Visceral fat

If you want to use our nutrition service physically in our pharmacy, you can contact us:

- Telephone: 96 679 94 20

- Whatsapp: 651 83 00 53

- Email: farmacialosaltos@yahoo.es